ALG Strategy Group is one of Sub Saharan Africa’s emerging brands committed to developing and showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit and local expertise on the continent. With its corporate headquarters in Abuja Nigeria – Africa’s most populous and largest economy, the group is poised to drive investments and opportunities on the continent, using Nigeria as its hub.

With interests in Media and Public Relations, Investments Advisory and Consulting, Real Estate Development, Management trainings and Consultancy, Energy Services, and Philanthropies, and with presence currently in Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, the group is seeking growth and expansion opportunities while delivering best in class services and innovative solutions to its stakeholders.

Our strategic vision therefore is to steer the company into the global market place of first class organizations formed locally but spreading its wings to cover its immediate region and other parts of the world. Consequently, we are unrelenting in investing continually in leveraging human capital development and cutting-edge technology, to provide the tools and framework needed to drive innovation, excellence and shared value creation.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, personal and corporate integrity, uncommon resilience, and use of sound business principles serve as the foundation of our company. We have long recognized that our commitment to customer satisfaction and service Excellence, and our extensive experience in the African culture and ways of conducting business (as Africans ourselves) mean we understand first-hand the many complex business issues, and are able to respond more quickly to ongoing requirements.  We constantly seek to establish affiliations with reputable organizations, and partnerships with world class companies, thereby ensuring that we remain on the cutting edge.