About us


ALG Strategy Group is a multi-sector fully integrated business venture built on sound corporate governance practices and impact – centric corporate social responsibility, totally committed to becoming Sub Saharan Africa’s most reliable local partner in the quest to see the continent achieve full potential as a global economic power bloc.

ALG Courts’ first company was founded by Ken Giami in 2008 and the group has evolved to serving local and international clients in a diverse range of sectors including Media and Public Relations, Investments Advisory and Consulting, Real Estate Development, Management trainings and Consultancy, Energy Services, and Philanthropies.

The Group also considers the establishment of its CSR vehicles – the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development, and ALG Philanthropies, as some of its most important legacies. The CSR Vehicles are platforms through which the group is able to give back to the African society and is primarily focused on Women, Children & Youths, and the environment; especially in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership development, Impact giving, climate change, and educational support for orphans and vulnerable children. Our corporate social responsibility is predicated upon our strong belief in the future of Africa and Africans – great, prosperous, and competitive.